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I really appreciate the tone of these. no matter how strange or serious it gets, I can always count on Mischief saying something off the wall that catches me off guard and makes me laugh.

The fucking lizard scream killed me, good job

I wasn't expecting the gravelly "wow" noise instead of a generic growling and I think it really pulls the whole thing together.

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The art style is good and the customization is decent. However, I found the controls to be a bit awkward. I would suggest making the keys move the car left/right etc respective to the entire screen rather than the direction the car is going in.

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I really like it. What program did you use, by the way? Reminds me of nanostudio

Xronos responds:

Thank you It was done in FL Studios with a lot of differ synth VST I found on the web for free.

I really love the vibe of this song, the only thing that seems to sound a little off is the orchestra hits that start around 0:27, the dun, dun dun. I would be interested in what it would sound like if the last 2 hits in the loop were a little closer together. more of a dun, dundun. I'm probably explaining this wrong because I'm not a musical person, but I tried. I think you might have been going for a dun, dun-dun, but its just a hair off. It might also sound better to lengthen the time between those last two hits, it's honestly a toss up.

vai90 responds:

I personally like how it turned out, but out of pure interest I'll tinker with it a bit.
Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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Binch me, too

Great but also did you have to make apple HOT

Garnet-Frost responds:

I'm a Transformers fan and drawing robots have been my forte for years now. What did you expect?! XD

I love this sticky looking dude, 10/10 would buy from one of those little capsule machines full of sticky hands and use him to slap people from a distance.

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